Smith & Wesson
Smith & Wesson
  • Lothar-Walther Custom German Rifle Barrel
  • 360º Recoil Compensator for Exceptional Recoil Management
  • Polished Button Rifling
  • Maximizes Muzzle Velocity of the Already Potent .460 S&W Magnum® Ballistics
  • Precise Barrel/Cylinder Gap
  • Tuned Performance Center Action
  • Integral Weaver Base for Easy Optics Mounting
  • Flashed Chromed Forged Hammer and Trigger for Smoothness, Crispness and Durability
  • Traditional Pinned Sear
  • Multi-Caliber Capability: .454 Casull, .45 Colt
  • Performance Center Gun Rug and Shoulder Sling Included

We all grew up hearing the phrase, "Faster than a speeding bullet...," but not when it is fired from Smith & Wesson's new Model 460XVR, with the highest muzzle velocity of any production revolver on earth. The Model 460XVR is so revolutionary that it required an entirely new designation...XVR, X-treme Velocity Revolver.

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