Aimpoint red dot sights are manufactured with the greatest care and precision from the best materials and components available. They are designed for use in the real world, and can handle rough treatment and all imaginable weather conditions. With the variety of models available, there is an Aimpoint sight for virtually every type of firearm.




Hot New Scopes that are catching on Fast with Varmint and Target hunters. They feature a quick change turret system specially calibrated for multiple grain weights for the calibers: .17HMR, .22LR, .223, .243, .270, .30-06.



The Precision Benchrest Series represents the industry’s highest level of performance in high power variable magnification. Since 1993, Nightforce Precision Benchrest riflescopes have won more world records in long-range benchrest competition—this includes world records in .50 B.M.G. 1,000 yard benchrest—than any other riflescope.



Trijicon is proud to unveil the TRD ACOG. The popular Trijicon RedDot combined with the Trijicon ACOG is the perfect solution for close quarter and long range shooting. Plus, both sights are backed by Trijicon’s limited lifetime warranty and tradition of quality.





We took the mystique and power of the last best places on earth and distilled them with crystal clarity into the single best series of hunting riflescopes on earth. The new Leupold® Golden Ring® VX-7™ . A full century in the making, it was worth the wait, because the VX-7 incorporates everything we know about optical excellence. About ruggedness. Waterproofing. And the hunting spirit. The new Leupold Golden Ring VX-7: built to fuel your passion, not your ego.

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