Inbound/Outbound Transfers

Are we receiving a Transfer for you? 

$30 per firearm (Non-Class 3) plus $5 FDLE fee.

Please ask the Seller to send us an email at and we will verify them, and then we will respond with a copy of our FFL. Failure for the sender to send us a copy of their FFL (or a copy of their Drivers License if a private sale) and your complete contact information may result in us charging an additional administrative fee.

Are we Sending out a Firearm for you?

Outbound Shipments BEGIN at $85 (that does not mean they ARE necessarily $85)
Please bring in the firearm, along with the following information:

Firearm will be opened and inspected and properly wrapped by our staff. Any additional magazines, slings, heavy collectable boxes, etc. are subject to additional costs, or may be given back to you to send privately.
Final cost will be determined at store by size, destination and insured value before you drop off item.
Items are sent with tracking and signature required, insured.

Connect with us, for transfers related queries.